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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Childress reiterates that Johnson will remain starting QB

Vikings coach Brad Childress made abundantly clear in his press conference that veteran Brad Johnson will remain the team's starting quarterback.
Childress, though, also made clear that he will not tolerate turnovers, even punctuating his point with a reference to Popeye's popular saying about not being able to stand anymore (I'll get the exact quote posted later).
"You got to take care of the football," Childress said. "That's not negotiable."
Later, when asked about his philosophy of benching a quarterback, Childress said, "I'm not a short-hook guy."

In other news:
* Defensive tackle Kevin Williams had a high left ankle sprain and finished the game. He obviously was not nearly as effective, though, and he had just two tackles.

* Middle linebacker Napoleon Harris had a dislocated wrist and had it casted. If he can't play, Ben Leber or Dontarrious Thomas would replace him.

* Center Matt Birk hyperextended his knee.

* Defensive tackle Pat Williams had swelling in his knee.

* Childress wasn't sure of the status on receiver Marcus Robinson, who was inactive Monday against the New England Patriots.

Childress also debunked what many of you are thinking: Troy Williamson's eyes are fine. Asked about Williamson's inability to haul in long passes (a long pass yesterday embarrassingly bounced off of his helmet), Childress said his receiver had 20/20 vision and that he passed an eye exam.
Of Johnson's throw on the play, Childress said, "It was a very good throw."


Blogger SotaSportsGuy said...

Brad Johnson should remain as the Vikings starting QB. Of the QB's on our roster, he gives us the best chance of winning. Brad's play last night showed us though why the Vikings have not renegotiated his contract and given him "starter's money".

5:28 PM  
Blogger 13x420 said...

I agree with the SSG. Brad gives us the best chance to win at the moment, even if he did throw some cover-your-eyes bad throws on MNF.

I cringe when I hear Theismann talk about how they should give Brad Johnson a 2-3 year deal to be the starter though. Will Tarvaris be ready by next season? Probably not.

7:51 AM  
Blogger pm said...

we all agree...johnson should be the starter this year. i really don't think the biggest problem is the QB play however...if given time johnson has shown to be a good manager of this offense. our highly paid offensive line has been just that..."offensive". they have not come together a result - johnson looked rattled out there - did you get the plate numbers of the cars that ran over bollinger? the running game was been basically chester taylor making something out of nothing...he has been a good player and will only get better if the line can open up a hole for more than a millisecond. its not panic time yet, but we will only go as far as this o-line can carry us.

ps. are any of you tired of seeing deep balls to williamson bonk off his helmet?

9:54 AM  
Blogger Jackson said...

Wow, pm, you have to be kidding me right? This year Brad Johnson has not been remotely close to being a good quarterback. It's not hard to see guys, the truth lies in his stats! And please do not blame everything on Williamson or Popeye, I mean Brad Childress.

Brad Johnson, who had a wonderful career, is done. Maybe everyone needs to face the truth and stop turning away from it. The man threw away points on Monday night for crying out loud. How about this, just pretend that was Daunte out there, I wonder if the comments on here will still be the same.

I think the Vikings take real good care of the ball so good that they don't even let the end zone see it.

2:31 PM  

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