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with Sean Jensen and Don Seeholzer

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Victory Monday

After snapping a four-game losing streak, Vikings coach Brad Childress gave his players Monday off. And with the usual Tuesday off, that means the Vikings won't have to get back to the business of football until Wednesday morning.
The only mandate was to come in and lift today or tomorrow. Otherwise, the players are supposed to relax.
During the open locker room period, only a handful of players were available.


Blogger Rich said...

I'm a the win was great. But, man oh man, should we have to squirm in our seats to hold on to such a game? I minute, its 31-13 with the Offense knocking on the 1 yd line - threatening to open a 25 point lead. The next minute, its 31-19...a 3-and-out...another score and an onsides kick.

We ALMOST LOST to the lowly Cardinals. No offense, but, once again, I'm going to say that Childress got outcoached. The stats are great - I'm glad we have ball control (time of posession), I'm glad our defense is so good at run-stopping that all our opponents become one-dimensional, but the reality is, our pass defense still stinks and our pass offense, despite Brad's one-good-game, is limited to Marcus Robinson as a the sole outside threat.

The one positive note? The right side of the line. Who the heck is Whittle and how is the tandem of Whittle and Rosie making blocks that apparently the more experienced and skilled Hicks/Johnson tandem couldn't muster most of the year?

What it just Arizona's bad defense, or should we possibly have made that change sooner.

And, oh, yeah, I WHOLELY support the Griffin promotion over Smoot. Talk about a bust. If Smoot could tackle as good as he could trash-talk he'd be unstoppable. He's not.

I'll hang up and listen (hehehe)...

1:19 PM  
Blogger Sean Jensen said...

That was the tone of my story today. The Vikings played very well, and yet they barely survived the Cardinals.
The good news is, I think the Vikings match up well with the Bears. That was evident in the first match up. If Brad Johnson can limit his mistakes, and Chester can get going, they should be in fine shape. Getting out early will help.

1:48 PM  
Blogger Rich said...

Agreed - I think they DO match up well against the Bears - and despite what Chi-town fans will say, they're not as good as their record would appear. I mean, we almost beat them (should have) and Arizona had them dead to rights (20-0 at half)...and several of the other games they won, could have been lost with a bit more execution by their opponent. Furthermore, Rex Grossman is flappable. If they can't run much (let's assume), then Rex will have to win it for them. And, I'll take that chance anyday...and twice on Sunday.

10:11 PM  

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