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Saturday, April 28, 2007

OU coach Bob Stoops on Peterson

"We're very happy and proud for Adrian and his family," OU head coach Bob Stoops said in a comment on the school's website. "He is such a competitive player and I appreciate so much what he brought to our program. He has great pride in the way he plays and he's extremely tough. Those qualities rub off on the people around him. He has the kind of competitive spirit that elevates those around him. It means an awful lot to him that the entire team does well and I think that is probably his most under-appreciated quality. As much attention as he garnered here, he was always more concerned with being respected in the locker room. Being a good teammate matters a lot to him. He genuinely cares about the people around him."


Blogger Paul D. said...

Hey Adrian,

Are you going to be one of those
Running Backs who tend to get hurt
and spend most of your time on the
bench or our you going to be like
the Saints Reggie Bush and bring
us a Super Bowl?

I hope it's the former but the Vikings tend to either draft a player who is a dud or they
choke in crittle moments
or have key players who were suppose to be game breakers blow
it, which are you?

Can you say Chad Greenway or Troy Williamson two major duds.

I know Chad was a waisted first round pick as was Troy Williamson.

Hey Chad if you think you can play
how about showing us what you can do and the same goes for you Troy!

6:41 PM  

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