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Friday, August 17, 2007

Farwell fined for hit on Fitzpatrick

Vikings linebacker Heath Farwell was fined $7,500 for roughing the passer, according to a league spokesman.

Specifically, Farwell was fined for striking the quarterback in the chest area with his helmet. In the third quarter, on a second and 13, Farwell struck Ryan Fitzpatrick in the chest and was penalized 15 yards.

Farwell led the team with 10 tackles and had one sack.

Farwell was unaware of the fine but said he planned to appeal it.

But, on paper, the fine is a hefty one.

During the preseason, all veterans, regardless of salaries and guaranteed bonuses, are paid $1,100 each week and $1,300 on weeks when they play a game. All told, regardless of how you slice it, Farwell will make less than $7,500.

The good news is, the league is respectable enough to wait until the regular season before deducting the fine from his paycheck.

Farwell, who is in a very strong position to make the final roster, is slated to make $435,000 this season.


Blogger Joe P. said...

This is a ridiculous fine. He didn't spear the QB. If you can not hit a guy in the head, below the waist by the knee, or the chest not much left to aim at. I understand trying to protect a player in vulnerable position but taking a hit in chest without spearing a guy should not be fine worthy.

2:38 AM  

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