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with Sean Jensen and Don Seeholzer

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Childress says Jackson "beat up pretty good"

Vikings coach Brad Childress said at his press conference a few moments ago that QB Tarvaris Jackson is still his starter but only if he's healthy enough. Childress said Jackson is "beat up pretty good."

Although his injury is officially a strained groin, Jackson got a beatdown in Motown Sunday.

Jackson was 17 of 33 for 166 yards, with no touchdowns and four interceptions. And although he was only sacked once, Jackson should have taken at least three more instead of trying to attempt a throw.

"The biggest thing is, you’re not going to save every play," Childress said. "Some were missed throws, and some were attempts to make a play. Just learning when to perhaps cut a loss and live to play another down, and not give the balls to the other team on a short field."

Asked if he "miscalculated" Jackson's readiness, Childress said, "I don’t think so.

"I don’t feel that way," he said. "I feel like he’s more than ready. It’s just a matter of him taking care of the football. I see him make a lot of good plays out there, and I see him get us into the right plays."

Other highlights:

* On getting his tight ends more involved in the offense: "We talked about that. Yeah, I’d like to have them more involved in the offense. Yes I would."

* Childress lamented the 12 penalties that cost the Vikings 96 yards.

* Childress said WR Troy Williamson should be fine.

My personal highlight was when Pioneer Press columnist Bob Sansevere asked Childress why Jackson didn't go down to buy backup Brooks Bollinger more time when he strained his groin on the first play of overtime.

"I guess I’m not that deep, strategy wise," Childress replied. "You ever been kicked in the groin?"

Sansevere quickly quipped, "Who hasn’t?"


Blogger TJackoverhishead said...

Would you ask Childress about why Jackson only takes 1 or 2 step drops and holds onto the ball? I mean typically a QB will take a 5 or 7 step drop when they are trying to pass down field and a 3 step drop if they are trying to hit a hot route or a screen pass. I think that the pass protection looks so bad because Jackson is not getting any depth with his drops.

3:09 PM  
Blogger Andrew E. said...

I don't see being 'ready' as a binary thing. It's not as though one isn't ready until a tipping point when one is Peyton or Brady.

T-Jax may well be ready to start games, but he has to be put in the position to succeed. Even if everyone in the stadium knows that it's coming, we shouldn't be doing anything other than running, screens or swing passes on 3rd down.

T-Jax needs to learn to eat it, but Childress needs to learn to live for another down in the way that Bevell and he call the game.

4:30 PM  
Blogger nvridle said...

I have had it with you judgmental negative and whining fans. First of all, yes we lost yesterday, BY 3 POINTS, it's bound to happen more than once in a variety of ways over the next 14 weeks. Second, one game does NOT indicate whether or not you are going to the superbowl, so stop trying to predict and enjoy the season while it's here. Third, even with the mistakes, we put some offensive points on the board, more than I've seen in one game in a while. Fourth, Jackson is a rookie, for all intents and purposes, and does need more seasoning (or as my radio station commentary said this morning "practice".) But he didn't suck last week - last week he was your hero. NOT everything that goes wrong in a football game can be blamed on one player or coach, that's why they call it a team. To think otherwise is a little narrow minded in my opinion. Both teams missed a field goal... our back up quarter back didn't do anything better than Jackson - he fumbled the ball too. You supposed fans need to get your priorities in order, either you like your team, win lose or draw or you don't. If you don't, stop watching. Cause I got news for you, Football teams don't always win, quarterbacks (even veteran's... recall Brad Johnson) throw interceptions, fumble, and get sacked. That's what happens in a football game. It's a game. Expecting to win them all is like going to the Casino and expecting to win every hand of Black Jack; it's a game there are things out of your control and there will always be winners and losers. In football teams it's about teamwork and building franchises; for fans, all you should be concerned about is how much you like football (the game) and how loyal are you can be to your team, win, lose or draw. Give it a rest and let's talk when the season is over. You might be disappointed or pleasantly surprised, no one knows for sure, NOT EVEN THE TEAM. Don't you think they hope we are all pleasantly surprised. Don't you think they need their fans to believe in them no matter what? Sure you are suffering from lack of super bowl rings and rightfully so, you are anxious for a superbowl win...and yes your team has disappointed you more than once, BUT NOT this team, NOT the team that was on the field yesterday, what do those guys have to do with your prior disappointments? Why is it Jackson's problem that you haven't seen a Viking in a superbowl since the 70's - was he even born yet? What would you prefer, that they pack up and move somewhere else? Then you'd be talking about them like a dog. Typical Minnesotan, can't find anything good to say so say everything negative... and then complain when your lack of support drives your team out of town. You are right, they can't win... no matter how hard they try to please you. Give the rookies a chance to play, they show more promise than last year. It's not always how you start, it's more important how you finish. For now, that's good enough for me. Get off your negativity couch and chill out... it's a game, have fun, there's only 16 in a year before play off's. Sign me: A TRUE Fan, win lose or draw, they are MY Vikings and always will be!

5:00 PM  
Blogger Andrew E. said...

Wow. I suggest that it's not much fun to forebear from commenting throughout the season.

Yesterday's game was an abysmal offensive performance, period. The defense is outstanding.

It's not often that I can point this out without being a hypocrite, but brevity is the soul of wit. Try to make specific points, rather than meandering generalizations, when sitting at the grown-up's table.

7:26 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

"Third, even with the mistakes, we put some offensive points on the board, more than I've seen in one game in a while."

One offensive touchdown is more than you've seen? Unless you're playing the @ Green Bay game from last year on repeat, you're wrong.

"Typical Minnesotan, can't find anything good to say so say everything negative..."

Out of the 53 players on this team, the only ones I thought performed well consistently were Troy Williamson, Darren Sharper, Chris Kluwe, Mewelde Moore, and Aundrae Allison. That's terrible. That's not negativity, it's the truth. I'd rather be an angry fan than and ignorant one.

11:22 PM  
Blogger Hanz said...

Why does no one see the timing problem of T Jack. When the ball is hiked everyone moves and then a second later T Jack finally pulls out from center. He already loses a second to two from the pash rush.

He needs to get out from behind center quicker. He is an outstanding athlete but the need to turn him lose. They have him so cautious he can't succeed. Throw the ball down the field, take off and run. Come on move.

6:34 PM  
Blogger dame311 said...


I DONT EVER WANT TO SEE THAT STINKING BOLLINGER ON THE FIELD EVER AGAIN!! Why this kid is still on the Vikings roster is an absolute mystery to me. We waste a draft pick on a young quarterback, we traded a decent Defensive Tackle and for what?? Brooks Bollinger??? Childress should have his head examined for keeping this pet of his. Nothing will turn me off quicker than a Coach who won’t do right by the team, and get rid of something that doesn’t deserve to be a part of the team. I'm sorry Brooks Bollinger is too small, too scared and too much of a bad Quarterback but give it up already. Let him be a coach like Bevell... just don’t let him on the field, ever!! Nothing personal but you cannot look at your football team and point to Brooks and say, if T-Jack goes down you're our man. You want blackouts and empty seats and fans to abandon you... keep this little Childress family reunion going... keep bringing in your cronies and shipping out actual talent. Childress said in his opening statement when he became coach that he was coming ashore and burning the boats... if it were up to Bollinger the whole team would be a crispy, charred carcass.

Chilly, it's only begun for you... you better get it right! The blackouts are coming... the money is not coming!!!!... Which means, you’re going?

If T-jack can’t go this week and Bollinger sees one snap... I will never watch another Childress coached Viking game again.

10:20 AM  

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