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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Vikings keep moving up

The Vikings offense was sloppy on Monday night, but moved up two spots to No. 11. A dominant defensive performance helped the Vikings move up to No. 20, although they remain last against the pass.

On offense, the Vikings clearly took a step backwards, with Tarvaris Jackson looking as skittish as he had earlier this season. He made two terrible throws that, at this point in the season, are inexcusable. The Chicago Bears didn't blitz cornerbacks, like the San Francisco 49ers did, but brought everyone else to bottle up Chester Taylor and Adrian Peterson. Jackson wasn't able to capitalize, and his mistakes would have been far more costly against most other teams.

For the Bears to manage just 10 points off Minnesota's four turnovers is an apparent reflection of how far their offense has fallen since last season.


Blogger Semper Fi said...

This coaching staff is killing me. Earlier in the season every faithful fan could see that A.P. wasn't getting enough touches but it took this staff weeks to figure it out. Now teams are stacking the box on us and our coaching staff has decided to call predictable plays that fall right into the opposing teams scheme. Do you think maybe we should utilize the left side more or attempt to get A.P. or Chester the ball off a screen or something a little less predictable?
On the defensive side of the ball were up against second and third string it possible that we should put a little more pressure on them?
The worst part of all this is that the coaching staff will figure most of this out in the days or weeks to come and take credit for fixing what the average fan could have fixed watching the game.

9:44 AM  

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