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Monday, December 03, 2007

Vote of confidence

At least one national observer has been on the record casting his support of the Vikings.

Asked about the sixth and final NFC playoff spot, former NFL head coach Steve Mariucci said he likes the Vikings over a handful of other teams.

"I like Minnesota because they run the ball, the quarterback is getting better and they play good defense stopping the run and rushing the passer," Mariucci said Sunday on NFL GameDay on the NFL Network. "Running the ball and stopping the run bodes well for a playoff run."

Interestingly, Mariucci made the comment before the Vikings' 42-10 thrashing of the Detroit Lions.


Blogger Northstardomus said...

Sorry, not related to your post but can you tell me why the Vikings didn't get the ball after the Kitna fumble review?

12:04 PM  
Blogger rozga said...

Unfortunately, the NFL has some ridiculous rules in place and this is one of them. Since the play was ruled an incomplete pass of the field, our subsequent recovery of the ball technically never happened. Therefore, when they did eventually call it a fumble in our favor, the rules state that the play is the equivalent of a sack at the point of the fumble. This is the reason why the NFL tells its officials not to make calls that are not reversible by replay (e.g. - don't call a player down by contact if there is any doubt as once that ruling is made a subsequent fumble and recovery is not reviewable).

3:39 PM  

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