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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Falcons in for opener

The Vikings will open the regular season at home Sept. 9 against Michael Vick and the Atlanta Falcons.

They also will play a Monday night home game Dec. 17 against the NFC champion Chicago Bears on ESPN.

Other notable dates are Oct. 8, when coach Brad Childress' former Philadelphia Eagles team visits the Metrodome, and Nov. 7 at home against the Oakland Raiders (and maybe Randy Moss).

"We're really excited to open the season at home and to play three NFC North teams in our first five games," Childress said in a statement. "After starting on the road last year, we're looking forward to opening up in front of our fans. We don't play many games at home in the beginning of the season, but I'm happy to have four of the last seven at the Metrodome."

Here's the full schedule, with home games capitalized:

Sept. 9--ATLANTA

Sept. 16--at Detroit

Sept. 23--at Kansas City

Sept. 30--GREEN BAY

Oct. 7--Bye

Oct. 14--at Chicago Bears

Oct. 21--at Dallas



Nov. 11--at Green Bay

Nov. 18--OAKLAND

Nov. 25--at NY Giants


Dec. 9--at San Francisco

Dec. 17--CHICAGO


Dec. 30--at Denver


Blogger Coty said...

sort of a tough schedule for such an underachieving team last year...either the NFL believes the Vikings can pick it up or they want to make sure they help Zuggy aka Wilf in sheep's clothing rebuild through the draft...the best record they could have (with the current team they're fielding) is maybe 8-8. thats a big maybe unless there is draft help and charles gordon and jason carter prove to be studs at WR this year.....I said it was a big maybe

2:33 PM  
Blogger the sir weeze said...

Based on the kind of team we fielded last year, I'm seeing 6-10 again with this schedule... and that's winning both Detroit games and splitting with Green Bay.

2:51 PM  
Blogger shane said...

4-12. Wins at home versus Atlanta, Green Bay, Oakland, and Detroit. 0-8 on the road.

3:39 PM  
Blogger Colinito said...

Well, by the spelling, Coty looks a bit slow, so I won't be too harsh, but....

everyone who's watched football for 5 minutes knows that the NFL schedule is on a set rotatation, and that teams within each division play all the same teams in a given year, except for 2.

This year the NFC North takes on the NFC East and AFC West (yes, two tough divisions!), and the two extra NFC teams we will play (based on 2006 record) are the Falcons and 49ers.

I'm not calling records yet, but since I'm a poet, I'll probably end up with whatever the record for Philly was in Chilly's 2nd year as OC...

5:58 PM  
Blogger Gary Malmberg said...

We[ve known since at least January what the rotation was. Getting Oakland was a break,though.
This is a major reason why people shouldn't get their hopes up in 2007.
Good things are around the corner.

That is all

8:45 PM  
Blogger Cody said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Coty said...'re a poet, you're a writer, and a late twenties delusional loser...don't quit your day blog...

1:56 PM  
Blogger Colinito said...

Actually I did feel bad for making fun of you, since I totally missed the obvious in your statement (tough schedule as in home v. away games, tough teams in a row, etc., not just match-ups), but I'm still not buying your little conspiracy theory and it's Z-Y-G-I. Learn how to write a man's name.

And funny reply, thank you....

6:14 PM  
Blogger Coty said...

OMG! Now your trying to come onto me? Sorry, no digital love 4 ya ;(

3:02 PM  
Blogger star said...

Yeah everyone, I see that you’ve met Gary Malmberg. He claims to “write extensively” for national publications and that he “publishes draft results,” and “covers the Vikings for websites (see,” but in reality he sends in comments to all these forum sites like Epinions,, aolsportsblog, and here on the PP’s message board; of course that makes him a “writer” and a “correspondant” [sic] even though anyone can post a comment on those sites. Then he has the temerity to suggest that others are “libelous” and always claims that someone is imposing him when somebody questions his grammar (despite it being completely congruent with everything else he has written). He also writes on a forum/thread called the seahawkshuddle -- it’s just amateur stuff that guys calling themselves “Dragonshadow” get together and write on. The stuff he writes there is also riddled with spelling and grammar errors. Honestly, you have to google him -- the stuff is hilarious! He’s a sportswriter wannabe who just has to give his opinion about anything and everything. We all know the types. His comment on aolsportsblog is calling out African Americans for living in “black neighborhoods” and “wearing their pants below their waists.” In his Epinion “article” he writes that his most “remerable” trip to the dome was in '88 to see the Bears “who were coming off a Super Bowl season” (could have sworn the Redskins won the SB in ’87) and that he hired a stripper to go with him. No kidding.

2:14 AM  

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