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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Moss press conference

Here are some comments from Randy Moss on becoming a New England Patriot:

"I actually was hearing it through some friends, close friends, and also the media of course, [that] Oakland was trying to shop me around. I think Green Bay came up and New England came up and maybe Tampa Bay and Jacksonville, and I don’t really know who else. So that’s just basically how things came about, and just really last night me and Coach (Bill) Belichick really talked for the first time about what’s been going on. He asked me how excited I [would be] if the opportunity would present itself for me to become a Patriot and, really, I was overwhelmed because I didn’t expect to hear from Coach Belichick. Once we talked and things worked themselves out, I was very overwhelmed. I’m still in shock at the same time and I can’t believe I’m a Patriot.

ON IF HE RENEGOTIATED HIS CONTRACT: Like I said, [the Patriots] have a massive reputation of what they stand for, and that’s winning. Through the course of my career and the course of my life of playing sports, I’ve always tried to be a winner and go out there and compete. And by me having a chance to play with an organization [like the Patriots] with the coaching staff, with Mr. [Robert] Kraft as the owner, and the players they have in position, I didn’t think that money was a big factor to me. I think over the course of my career, I’ve made a lot of money, and I still have money in the bank, so by me coming to an organization like the New England Patriots, why would money be a factor? I know I have to get paid something, but to have the numbers that I was going to receive, I knew something had to be done with my contract, and I didn’t have a problem with it.

ON PEOPLE QUESTIONING HIS WORK ETHIC: "I don’t really like to answers questions like that because the people that question it probably never played football in their life or [have never] been on the same pedestal that I’ve been on. I have a microscope [on me] and my microscope is very big. The people that talk about me, as far as my work ethic and my competitive nature and me going out there and playing football, the best thing I can say to you, male or female, all you have to do is line up against me and see what happens."

ON TOM BRADY SPREADING THE BALL AROUND: "I just want to win. I don’t know where you guys are coming from knowing that I am going to be so selfish about this trade and me becoming a Patriot. I have never been a selfish ball player. I’ve been selfish about winning, but as far as me getting the ball and getting my numbers, I’ve never been selfish. I understand that an organization pays me a certain amount of dollars to make things happen and when things don’t happen, of course I get mad. Of course I get angry."

Let’s put it this way – the Moss of old is back. We’ll leave it at that."


Blogger Colinito said...

I love you Randy. I wish we would have shipped Daunte out instead of you that first year. F- Red McCombs, and that damn Joe Buck for making such a big deal out of the moon incident.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Lena in WA said...

I totally agree with Colinito and wish Randy was still a Viking. The Lambeau moon incident was hilarious - the Pack fans deserved that and more!! When it came out that even Tony Dungy agreed that Pack fans have a bad habit of mooning the visiting team buses...let's just say the _sses got what was coming to them. The Vikes lost a player who was so fun to watch, plus I loved it when he gave the ball to the kids on the sidelines. Good luck in New England, Randy! Can't wait to tune in and watch you and Brady light 'em up!!

9:44 PM  

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