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Friday, May 11, 2007

Tomlin gives Russell a chance

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed former Gophers running back Gary Russell on Thursday.

Its been a tough few years for Russell.

In 2005, Russell score 18 touchdowns and gained 1,135 rushing yards. But he flunked out of the University of Minnesota in January 2006 then ran embarrassingly slow at the NFL Combine.

Former Vikings defensive coordinator Mike Tomlin, who is now the Steelers head coach, must have done some research before making this decision.


Blogger Steve said...

First we miss out on Maroney last year, and now Russell this year? Doesn't the Vikings brain trust read the local papers? Russell was on par with Maroney, and a little hard work could have meant a nice complement to our running game. At least bring him in and see what he can do. Then, we let Tomlin go, too. Par for the course.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Alaskan Viking said...

I'm tired of hearing all this crying from fans nit picking over nickel and dime free agents (i.e. Hank Baskett last year). How is a running back that is so slow and out of shape that he is going to get left in the dust by the offensive line? On top of that if he isn't able to figure it out that hitting the books is going to mean a future in the NFL along with lots of money then he is either dumb or lazy, neither of which is an ideal trait for the NFL. As much as I liked Tomlin the Vikes didn't have a say in letting him go. He got a promotion, good for him now lets move on. Frazier looks to be an intelligent guy from what I've read. So Steve, go fishing or play some golf and lets wait until the season actually starts before we start whining. Anyways, I think Adrian Peterson kind of softens our need for Russel anyways so lets be excited for that. Go Vikes.

12:27 PM  

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