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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Fast company

According to post-draft odds set by Bodog, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson is a 6-1 choice to win the NFL's offensive rookie of the year award.

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (4-1) and Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch (5-1) are the only players with shorter odds than Peterson.

Cleveland Browns quarterback Brady Quinn and Miami Dolphins wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. are tied for sixth at 12-1.


Blogger Jlentz823 said...

Hey off the topic, (first time poster, long time fan) but KEYSHAWN JOHNSON IS A FREE AGENT ...


3:04 PM  
Blogger Andrew E. said...

My thought exactly! Rob B. is a sharp, get him on the blower right now and offer something like this:

2 year K, salaries of $1 million and then $5 million, with a roster bonus of $5 million payable upon signing.

There is zero downside to this K. We can't carry the cap room over to next year. If Keyshawn plays well, we keep him next year at a reasonable sum. If it doesn't work out, or one of the kids becomes a no. 1, we can cut him with zero cap hit. There is no downside to this, and as gravy, he's a great run-blocker from the WR position.

4:41 PM  
Blogger pfeiffdogg said...

I agree. They need to go after Keyshawn ASAP! He can doing nothing but help the team, even if he has a little bit of an attitude problem.

4:43 PM  
Blogger Andrew E. said...

He didn't get along with Gruden, but who does? Neither Sapp, Lynch nor our boy BJ are still in Tampa, either.

Keyshawn was great in off the field in Dallas and Carolina.

5:09 PM  
Blogger Jlentz823 said...

not to mention how much he can mentor those young WRs into premier playmakers

the names josh by the way

5:36 PM  
Blogger AP28 said...

Keyshawn has a BIG attitude problem, always has...and he is obviously a POOR MENTOR, otherwise Carolina would have kept him for more than 1 let da Puckers sign the cancer.

9:13 PM  
Blogger SDguy said...

Are you kidding me? This is typical of Vikings fans...sign anyone whose name you recognize. He's been released by 2 teams in 2 years!!!! Why do you think he was released? Besides the fact that Keyshawn is done, you only sign a 35-year-old receiver for one reason---to put you over the top for one year. He can't do that!

10:04 PM  
Blogger Andrew E. said...

Kindly use actual points, not vague generalizations.

What exactly indicates a 'BIG' attitude problem? The fact that he was an idiot when he was a rookie and wrote a book? A lot of players do dumb things when they are young (see: Carter, Cris and cocaine).

If you can actually point to an example of a problem in the last two years, I'd love to hear it. You know, the kind of complete sentence that goes along the lines of "During the month of X, and faced with the circumstances of Y, Keyshawn did Z." In case that's too complicated for you, here's an example: Three years ago, during the last game of the season, with the Vikings about to attempt an onside kick, Moss walked off the field before the game was over.

Keyshawn was released by Dallas and Carolina for a simple reason: they acquired better receivers. Fred Smoot didn't make any friends while he was here, but he wasn't cut because of Minnetonka, he was cut because Winfield and Grif are much better corners than he is. Are Terry Glenn and TO better than Keyshawn? Is Steve Smith better than Keyshawn? The Panthers have one top-flight No. 1, and they want to let their kids develop. That's their choice, and it seems pretty sound.

From the Vikings' standpoint, though, who do we have on our roster that is better than Keyshawn? Right now, we don't have anyone better. Rice or AA could wind up being better than he is, but WRs are notoriously slow to make immediate impacts and neither one of those guys has caught a single ball in the pros. (For every Moss, Fitz, Boldin or Roy Williams there are a plethora of J. Walkers, Williames, Edwards, Rogers, Joneses. Ask Mike Vick how well his compliment of young receivers is working out. Ask the 9ers and Chargers how the Rashaun Woods era is going for them.)

Williamson is lovely, except that he can't catch the ball. On our first 3rd and 6, who do we have that can be trusted to get open and make the catch? There is only one guy that I can think of: Billy McMullen. I can also state with certainty that Keyshawn Johnson is better than Billy McMullen.

If the Vikings were to acquire receivers of the calibre of Owens, Glenn or Smith, I would certainly agree that we shouldn't sign him. Until such a point, however, we most assuredly should because he would immediately become the best receiver on our team.

9:40 AM  

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