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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Winfield still not happy

After completing his final practice of the mandatory three-day mini-camp, Vikings CB Antoine Winfield doesn't feel any better than he did before.
Asked if he had come to a resolution, he said, "Oh no. I’m still pretty much at the same spot.
"Like I said, it was good to get back out here, and be around the guys, and get back out there and work on my technique, and seeing different looks, and trying to learn the scheme and all. But I’m still at where I am."
Winfield was careful with his words, but he indicated that his issue was with the team's lack of effort to upgrade the offense. That, apparently, will compel him to continue to work out on his own and skip next week's Organized Team Activities.
"Pretty much, I’m going to do this thing on my own. Work out on my own. I don’t feel like I really need to be around here," he said. "I pretty much know the defense now. I know what I need to work on, when I’m away from here. I don’t think anything is going to change."
After that, Winfield had a telling comment, "They’re not going to bring in Peyton Manning, or anything like that."
Asked if personnel is his issue, Winfield said, "I'm not going to go into that.
"I’ll leave that one alone."
But Winfield also made clear that he believes in Tarvaris Jackson, despite his Manning comment.
"I thought he has the skills to play at this level. He has a great arm. He’s definitely picking up on his offense a lot better. Getting the ball out of his hands fast. Going through his reads," Winfield said of Jackson. "I definitely have a lot of confidence in him.
Although there is significant time before players have to report to training camp on July 25, Winfield said his issues will not get resolved.
"I don’t think it’ll be any change, or anything like that," he said.
"The team is not going to change," he later said. "Nothing is going to change.
As for training camp, Winfield said he will be there.


Blogger San Diego Vike said...

If Winfield is so unhappy, maybe they should trade him or start Marcus McCauley. He's getting to be a distraction!

3:12 PM  
Blogger mark t said...

Winfield is right on! Too bad more players don't take a stand against the worst Viking regime since Steckel. Chilly did nothing to address the teams major needs on the right side of the offensive line, tight-end, and wide-out. Plus is faith in T-Jack is foolish based on his performance last year. Peterson is the only impact player added on offense and Winfield has a right to take a stand. Mark my word and name the Vike's will be a joke again this year.

6:59 PM  
Blogger Moria Denizen said...

Winfield might be right but how does not practicing with the team help? This man is paid big money to play corner and be an example of what it takes to play winning football. How does hiding and sulking do that?

Mr Winfield, remember that things could always be worse. The Cardinals have a receiver to spare don't they...

12:15 AM  
Blogger Andrew E. said...

The OTAs are voluntary. The exact number of days that a player can be required to attend in the off-season are part of the CBA negotiations. The owners bargained for the number of minicamps that are allowed, and it's a bit inane to critique a player for not actually taking advantage of something that his union bargained to make voluntary.

Moreover, if Frazier can't impart his defence to a 30 year old football player (and a corner no less!) in five weeks of training camp, isn't that the real problem?

From a competitive standpoint, Winfield has kept himself in shape to this point. Does anyone actually think that his performance will be hindered by not attending OTAs? Is Winfield going to forget how to be the best-tackling corner in the league? Is an OTA going to make Winfield three inches taller?

I do not expect many wins this season, but I would be astounded if any of the losses could be atributed to Winfield missing OTAs.

1:33 PM  
Blogger Nortega25 said...

Maybe Winfield is doing some reverse psychology on the offense. Saying they haven't improved to the media so that the offense can build up the "we'll show him" attitude. I hope it works!!!

2:55 PM  

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