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with Sean Jensen and Don Seeholzer

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Peace at last

Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, who had taken some verbal shots at Vikings linebacker E.J. Henderson for the sprained knee that cost Hasselbeck four games last season, officially ended the war of words Saturday night.

"I just basically said there were no hard feelings from last year," Hasselbeck said after the Seahawks' 30-13 exhibition win of their on-field conversation.

Henderson, whom Hasselbeck had accused of "ruining my season," said he also was ready to move on.

"Matt just said to me that it was all blown out of proportion and that things were all good," he said. "I caught a couple of the articles and the things that Matt said to the media, but I am taking it all in stride. I'm not sweating it."


Blogger billyboy said...

hey, Sean

how about an article highlighting the vikes could muster no more than 1 preseason offensive touchdown... and it was a trick play no less..

the offensive system and play calling sucks.... we will have to all endure another season of poor play. not because of the talent but because of the offensive coaching and lack of leadership/aggressive attitude displayed by ownership (upper management)

12:50 PM  
Blogger dame311 said...

At what point will the Vikings release Brooks Bollinger? Secondly, if the Vikings don't release Brooks Bollinger should we expect Childress to be fired for making arguably the 2nd worst personnel move in the history of the Minnesota Vikings? Bollinger is an embarrassment, and has been every single time he's been on the field in a Viking uniform. AND WE TRADED FOR HIM... for him. Fire Bollinger or fire Childress.

3:03 PM  
Blogger Jack Dupp said...

Hey Sean,
Why would Chilly call a gadget play in the red zone? Hell, T. Jax hasn't put the ball in the endzone all preseason. He lacks experience and confidence, and that play was no help toward either. He should be throwing fade patterns to S. Rice et al., or handing off to AP or Chester to explode through the LEFT side. We don't need Wade working on his QB skills. I liken it to teams attempting to throw a TD pass to an offensive lineman. Why do it? The QB is paid to throw the TDs. Tell Chilly the fans want him to pull his head out, straighten up, and fly right.

6:04 PM  
Blogger Andrew E. said...

Far be it for me to be a Childress defender, because I spent the offseason counting on last year's total incompetence to create enough fan apathy that my seasons tickets move into the lower bowl.

But, I wasn't unhappy with the play calling at all. Ryan Cook needs to hold his water, but when the varisty was in the game, the running game was pretty damned proficient. Matt Birk, of whom I am an ardent fan, did not have a good game. Some of the mistakes could be attributed to Herrera going to the second level too early, but Birk got his ass handed to him on at least five plays in the first half. That's not Childress' fault. I think that we do far too much zone blocking given the make-up of our OL. We have maulers, not 290 lb. converted TEs.

The play calling is not exactly dynamic, but we have an extremely green qb throwing to bush league/legally blind receivers. I don't have a problem with critiquing the off-season strategy; I've done so vocally myself. But given the players that we do have, we should be running the ball 40 times a game. If one runs the Swiss military, one shouldn't be building a navy.

[Sean and Don have said good things about Wade, and he did have moments in this game, but a guy who couldn't stick in CHI/ATL/TEN and gets gift-wrapped a no. 1 job has to produce for 8 games before I stop considering him to be bush league.]

12:24 AM  

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