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with Sean Jensen and Don Seeholzer

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A look at the stats

The Vikings' pass defense is ranked 25th in the NFL, after Sunday's performance in Detroit. Meanwhile, the run defense is No. 6.

But what I find more remarkable is the fact that the Vikings' offense is ranked 22nd. That's mainly because of the 10th-ranked run offense. But the Vikings' pass offense is 25th. Based on what I've seen through the first two games, I wonder: How could there be seven teams with worse passing offenses than the Vikings' so far?

A few other interesting statistical observations:

* The Vikings are tied for second in takeaways with seven, but they are tied for third in giveaways with six. The plus-one differential is tied for eighth in the NFL.

* The Vikings average an abysmal 3.38 yards on first down, good for 29th in the NFL.

* The Vikings are fifth in receiving kickoffs, with an average start of 31.3, and No. 1 in covering kickoffs, with an average start of 20.1.

* QB Tarvaris Jackson is the 33rd-ranked passer, with a rating of 40. Just ahead of him is Chicago's Rex Grossman, at 55.1. Jackson is tied for 32nd with five interceptions and 32nd with a completion percentage of 53.6.

* RB Adrian Peterson is 12th with 169 rushing yards.

* The Vikings' leader in receiving yardage? Peterson with 112, tied for 38th.

* P Chris Kluwe is 3rd with an average of 46.7 yards per punt.

* S Darren Sharper is tied for the league lead with two interceptions.


Blogger Jon said...

Sean, could you please tell Childress the next time that you see him that we need WR Antonio Bryant. Maybe remind him that Bryant's suspension was lifted as well... that would be great.


8:56 PM  
Blogger dame311 said...

Memo to Chester Taylor... get your butt on the field... a freaking oblique??? Suck it up! You're the veteran, act like it!

Antonio Bryant would be a nice weapon as would be Keenan McCardell... I know there is a reason they're on the scrap heap, but what's the reason some of the receivers are ON our team??? Whatver happened to "If you cant get the job done, we'll bring in someone who can!"? Oh that's right, we're talking about a coach who is actually considering Brooks Bollinger as the starter this week if T-jack cant go.

Antonio Bryant in
Brooks Bollinger out

10:27 AM  

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