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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Gumbel on Moss

Bryant Gumbel had an interesting take on former Vikings and current New England wide receiver Randy Moss in a closing commentary on HBO's Inside the NFL program.

Here it is, in its entirety:

"Finally tonight a few words about Randy Moss. I've profiled Moss twice for this program…once as a rookie, then just two years ago when he was heading into his first season as an Oakland Raider. He made headlines at that time for popularizing his affection for marijuana. That claim, and his lost years in Oakland prompted many media folks to label him as a moody malcontent whose best years were behind him.

"Contrast that if you will with the guy who, along with quarterback Tom Brady, has now become the toast of the New England Patriots. As we speak, Moss leads the NFL in touchdown receptions, receiving yards, dazzling catches and broad smiles per player.

"To watch Moss today is to watch a man against boys. It seems that every jump ball is his and every deep route is a mismatch. He's become one of the many reasons why the other-worldly Patriots are undefeated and showing no signs of coming to earth anytime soon. He's happy. He's productive. He's professional and…despite reports of his premature burial…he's suddenly seen as a good guy.

"The Randy turnaround says a lot about the man. But the public's view of him says even more about the perspective of fans and media people alike. In a world where every and anybody wants to have a say, and pretend they're an image-maker, it's a reminder of a plain and simple football truth that applies to both players and coaches. That if you lose, fans and media types can't help you…and if you win, they can't hurt you."


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