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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Jackson inactive, Peterson to start

Tarvaris Jackson is the emergency third-quarterback, and Kelly Holcomb is announced as the starter. S Dwight Smith, CB Ronyell Whitaker, TE Garrett Mills, LB Vinny Ciurciu, T Chase Johnson, WR Aundrae Allison and DE Erasmus James are all inactive.

For the Eagles, TE L.J. Smith will play, and T Jon Runyan will start. S Brian Dawkins is among the inactives.


Blogger VirginiaViking said...

Here are some thoughts on the Vikings situation.

10 reasons to fire Brad Childress at the end of the season.

10. For continued 'bonehead' challenges that cost the team important timeouts.
9. For not being the supposed 'offensive genius' he thinks he is.
8. For taking a franchise that had promise two years ago backwards.
7. For trading for subpar QBs. For selecting Ryan Cook instead of Greg Jennings (WR, Rd2, pick 52, or Devin Hester, Rd2, pick 57).
6. For not pursuing kevin Curtis more vigorously.
5. For trading UP and drafting a I-AA QB who clearly seems to be in over his head.
4. For not being able to motivate his team. (Or even a prison break with the door open.)
3. Good coordinator maybe - head coach - NOT!
2. For constantly getting outcoached.
And the number one reason the Vikings should fire Brad Childress at the end of the season?
1. For being Brad Childress.

1:02 PM  
Blogger VirginiaViking said...

5 solutions for the Vikings to turn things around.

Now, my grandfather always told me, if you are going to whine or complain about something, have a solution as well, and so here is my entry on 5 things the Vikiings could do to turn things around.

Of ocurse this all hinges on my previous enttry of firing Childress.

1. Hire a defensive minded coach. (Rationale: If you look at the NFL over the course of the last decade, the most successful coaches are D guys: Belichik, Dungy, Cowher, Parcells, Schottenheimer, Del Rio, Fisher, and the list goes on. Now, you could throw in a few 'O' geniiuses like Shananhan, Gruden, Reid, Holmgren and Martz, but in more cases than not a 'D' guy is going to motivate better and produce.

2. Trade Chester Taylor to the Bengals or Browns for either Carson Palmer or Derek Anderson. Rationale: Carson is probably tired of the Bengal org. and he is a proven winner. He might not be the long term answer, but consider him vs. the group we have right now. If they can keep the number one pick they could consider a real blue chipper (Ryan out of BC, or Ainge out of Tenn perhaps) I am sure the Vikings would have to part with a high pick, but by giving up Taylor we could offset the draft pick. Derek Anderson is another option because you know the Browns are not going to let Quinn sit another year. Clearly they are looking to shop Anderson. He could come in and start and we could, again, draft a franchise type QB.

3. Stand pat with Jackson, but still draft a QB to put the pressure on Jackson to put up or shut up. That might entail ruining another year though.

4. Chances are the Vikings are looking at a top 6 pick. Trade down and stockpile a few later draft choices if they decide to trade for a QB of notable ability and sit Jackson another year or two to see if he really does develop.

5. PUNT, and move the team to LA. (Note: I would be crushed, but it does not seem out of the norm at this point. The organization is floundering, there are too many liberals running the show up there, or not enough of the politicians would make money off a new stadium. Either way it looks bad right now, and Viking fans should be sick and tired of this lesser than average team we have put on the field these last few years. It's hard to believe that just three years ago we were a team on the rise. We've shipped all the bad apples out of town and that is a good thing, but some of the decisions made at the top are poking holes in the ship and we are beginning to list badly. God help the Vikes!

1:03 PM  

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