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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Firing back

Before taking questions during his morning news conference, Childress responded to criticism that the team isn't using rookie running back Adrian Peterson enough.

"We understand here that we have a great talent in Adrian Peterson," Childress said. "We are trying to grow him just like we attempt to grow all of our young guys. I'm sure his role will increase as we go through the rest of this football season, but there'll be times when situations will dictate that we have other folks in the football game."

Peterson got just 12 carries in Sunday's 24-14 loss at Dallas, but Childress said that was "kind of a left-handed game," featuring just 48 offensive plays for the Vikings, including 17 in the first half.

Childress ran through a quick play-by-play of Peterson's touches during that game and promised: "His role will continue to increase. Just like everybody, you want to see somebody have success. There are things that he does better than others. Obviously, the goal is to get him to do all things well within this offense. But just as with most people, they don't know it all after (six) games."

Asked if the Vikings would use their running backs any differently this week, Childress said: "I think they'll be similar game plans, similar plays. But again, you want to give him the plays that you feel like are good plays for him to look at and we want to use him more and more as we go."

Roster move: The Vikings re-signed guard Brian Daniels to their practice squad and released cornerback Chad Johnson.


Blogger mallardmadness said...

firing back?
how bout firing brad.
we cant throw, we cant catch, but hey lets sit ap on the bench to save him, the more we lose the sooner brad is gone.

7:42 PM  
Blogger mark said...

I wonder if there would ever be a coach humble enough to admit they are making a mistake? Maybe Dungy

9:47 AM  

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