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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

McNabb on T-Jack, future

Vikings coach Brad Childress has been comparing Tarvaris Jackson to Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb since the end of last season and McNabb said in a conference call with the Minnesota media that there are definite similarities.

"I see a lot of similarities," McNabb said. "In a situation like that, you're young. You want to make every play possible. When you don't make the plays that you know that you're capable of making, it's frustrating. I've talked to him a couple times and just made sure to let him to know to continue to keep his head up, stay confident and continue to prepare yourself so that the team will continue to see that. Everyone will begin to follow, knowing that you're working hard at it, things are going to change, and then once you get on the field, make as many plays as possible."

McNabb said his most recent conversation with Jackson took place two weeks ago and that Childress wasn't involved in setting it up.

"I like to try to be a mentor to some of the younger quarterbacks in the NFL," McNabb said. "I kind of invited him to come on out to Arizona and train with me. … I just wanted to work with him and kind of prepare him for what he’ll be faced with this year and in years to come."

McNabb said Jackson wasn't able to make it out to Arizona this year, "But the invitation's always open. Hopefully, he'll come out next year and continue after that."

Regarding speculation that he could end up in Minnesota next season, McNabb said he expects to finish his career in Philadelphia.

"I do," he said. "I've said that before. I can't truly focus on anything afterwards. My focus is on this year and changing this 2-4 feeling that we have and moving into something positive."

Asked how he would feel about playing for Childress, his former offensive coordinator with the Eagles, McNabb said: "That's maybe later. Brad's a great guy and an excellent coach and we had a lot of fun while he was here. But at this point, unless he's coming back to coach here with the Eagles, that would be the only way that I would be able to play under Brad again."


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