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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

NFL and NFLPA streamline disability benefits

The NFL and NFL Players Association have implemented changes to enable retired players to receive disability benefits quicker.

Specifically, the NFL and NFLPA worked to expedite decisions, including the option of appealing rulings via email ballots.

Also, a network of physician “panels” or “teams,” consisting of doctors with experience in orthopedic and other practices, will be located in areas with a large concentration of retired players, such as Arizona, California, Florida and Texas, as well as in other major metropolitan areas.

There also will be a specialist to receive calls from applicants via a toll-free number and measures have been installed to ensure applications are processed faster.

In addition, the NFL and NFLPA also agreed to provide retired players with a prescription drug card that will permit them to purchase prescription medications at a substantial discount.


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