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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Vikings add another South Carolina receiver

The Vikings went there again, this time selecting Sidney Rice. Yes, South Carolina also produced Troy Williamson, the Vikings' top pick in 2005.

Here is what Pro Football Weekly had to say about him: "Not nearly as talented as he thinks he is. Thinks he can walk on water because he is a football star. Similar talent and mental makeup to Antonio Bryant. Should have stayed in school and matured."

Ouch. On the positive, PFW said he has "good height (6 foot 3), arm length, hands and leaping ability."


Blogger shane said...

Sounds like a wide receiver. As long as he can track a ball in the air and get up to catch it, I am happy.

7:00 PM  
Blogger Jim (The Bedford Review) Black said...

PFW said he has "good height (6 foot 3), arm length, hands and leaping ability."

This sounds like what we needed last year. The downside of their description sounds like he is overconfident. Don't we want a receiver(and other players) who think they are the best?

If he performs close to the clips ESPN showed on TV, it will be a good year for us.

7:31 PM  
Blogger Colinito said...

Guy on the Vikings MB from SC said he's got the best hands he's ever seen, and considers him the steal of the draft thus far (should we be concerned?).

In all seriousness, good hands is an attribute we're desperate for. Looks like a good pick-up.

9:24 PM  
Blogger Paul D. said...

Since When do you pass up a star
like Dwayne Jarrett or Steve Smith,
of USC over another bust receiver
from South Carolina, if Troy
Williamson, Doesn't produce this
year The Vikings Better Cut Him.

As for that other South Carolina
Product Rice I expect him to be
a bust just like Troy Williamson.

Why Can't the Vikings have a
repution for being the best
and smartest when it comes
to the draft.

Instead they are known for picking
players who either go bust or they
fail to draft players on time like
they did when Kevin Williams was

12:32 AM  
Blogger Gary Gross said...

Paul D., Lighten up. I watched the films. Rice makes great adjustments on balls in the air, he's a great leaper & he plays faster than his 40 time.

One other thing: Just because one player didn't do well doesn't mean that everyone from that school is a bust. If you used the failure 'logic', then the Lions shouldn't have picked Calvin Johnson. After all, they'd already failed with Charles Rogers & Mike Williams. That isn't what I'd call logic.

1:25 AM  
Blogger Paul D. said...

I hope your right Gary, because I am sick of these bust
players the Vikings tend to pick.
How can you win a Super Bowl?
with losers picks?

It would be nice to look at a
Future Lynn Swan Type player
who could won Super Bowls
with his diving Catches like
the one he did
Against the Cowboys which made
It on all The highlight films.

Or if we had a Joe Montana
Type Quarterback who could
Equal that pass to just the
Right receiver who can make
That clutch play like Dwight Clarks
"The Catch" type of
Clutch play so the Vikings
Can Win a Super Bowl.

I can’t stand it when the Vikings
Play to not to lose with players
Who choke at just that moment?
where other teams make those
Above mentioned clutch plays.

7:50 AM  
Blogger wildfan72 said...

Gary, who wouldn't want those players? Hell, looking through the NFL today, I'd say the Vikings should pick up Peyton Manning for QB, Calvin Johnson, Marvin Harrison, and Chad Johnson for WR's, Birk/Hutch/Walter Jones/Alan Faneca/John Ogden for the line, Tomlinson and Larry Johnson for RB's, and Antonio Gates and Anthony Gonzalez for TE's. That would make a good team. But realistically, the Vikings are trying. I agree, I wish they could stop picking duds. But look at Detroit. At least we don't have idiots in the front office drafting WR's with every pick we get. What we need is a coach with some brains. Unfotrunately I think it will be another sub-.500 season or two before that happens.

9:18 AM  
Blogger Andrew E. said...

Drafting is tricky. There are a lot of variables that affect whether or not a player will pan out. It is too bad that Tice didn't get the player that he wanted (Merriman) instead of Williamson, but that doesn't mean that we should shy away from Gamecocks e'ermore. We drafted two WRs, and if one of them becomes a solid starter, we're a much better team than we were on April 27.

I appreciate that #28 is a stud, and the team certainly got great value in taking him. However, we still don't have a viable option at qb. Maybe I'm crazy, but that's kind of a problem.

Paul, if you want to talk to the grown-ups, please use actual arguements instead of meandering diatribes. If you don't like something, try to make a statement along the lines of "I really dislike the decision to do X, when the team had the much better option of doing Y and Z."

An optimist, like Colinito, will likely argue that if T-Jax seizes the day, we can make a playoff push. I don't disagree, but past on past performance, I don't see the likelihood of T-Jax or BB succeeding at more than 50%. I'd prefer to have a back-up plan that doesn't include washed-out Yankees' thirdbasemen.

2:39 PM  

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