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with Sean Jensen and Don Seeholzer

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Monday, October 01, 2007

Jackson on track to regain starting spot

Vikings coach Brad Childress expressed optimistic that starting quarterback Tarvaris Jackson will be ready to regain his role after missing the last two games. But Childress added that he must see Jackson's physical progress.

"Coming out of the bye, I would anticipate that he’ll be healthy enough," Childress said of Jackson. "But, again, until I see it with my eyes -- that’s the biggest thing. Because you have to do so many things, besides stand there and orchestrate.

"You need to be able to move, and make those fine adjustments, and burst. All that rehab is great stuff, but you really, really, really get on it when you’re moving around the pocket as a quarterback," Childress said.

Asked if he was conservative with Jackson because of the bye, Childress said, "I don’t think the extra week hurts you at all.

"I think you not only can rehab and make it well, but you can strengthen it."

Meanwhile, Childress, as he promised Sunday, also outlined the things his team needs to work.

1) Deep balls -- "We were able to look at a couple of shots, a couple we wish that we had back. One of those third downs at the beginning of the game, where we had Sidney (Rice) behind somebody. You just simply need to be able to throw and catch that."

2) Third-down conversions -- Both for offense (26th in the NFL, as of Monday) and defense (22nd). "I’m quite sure we can do a better job," Childress said. "Offensively, in our must-pass situations... I think we can be better in that."

3) Red zone efficiency -- The Vikings are middle of the pack, ranked 17th by converting three of six red-zone chances. But their six red-zone trips are the third-fewest in the NFL.
"While we’re 50 percent touchdown percentage that puts you right in the middle of the league, which to me is average, and that’s about he worst thing you can be called is average," Childress said.

4) Eliminating explosive plays, on defense -- "It’s really no magic there. It’s a combination of rush, coverage, technique."

Here are some other highlights:

* Childress once again defended his use of running back Adrian Peterson, whose opportunities were limited in the second half.

"I’m not so keen on that, as him being a good teammate, and contributing whatever way he can, like in those kickoff returns," Childress said. "Because that takes its toll too. He kneeled down with a bunch of them. We’ll continue to mix those guys in and out. We’ll continue to change those guys up, and put those fresh legs in there from time to time."

* On playing both Peterson and Chester Taylor at the same time: "I think there’s an opportunity. I think what you’d end up seeing is a mix of that. It just depends on what you think the defense will do to adjust to that."

* DE Ray Edwards has a hip contusion. He’s sore, Childress said, but his x-rays were negative. LB Ben Leber has an abdominal strain, but he’s less sore than the team expected. "If there is a silver lining in this four-game start, it’s (that) we’re reasonably healthy as we head into the three-quarters that are left here," Childress said.

* After watching some film and lifting weights Tuesday, the players will be off until next Monday.


Blogger vikes4ever said...

I really don't think it will matter who is the starting QB for our beloved Vikes. Being a huge Viking fan living in Wisconsin was difficult today- all the talk shows were ripping Childress apart(as they should). The Vikings should seriously think about replacing him ASAP, before this season gets out of hand. This may be the worst game ever coached. First of all, Green Bay probably spent the entire half trying to game plan for Peterson. Little did they know, that Childress would have another plan- to have him stare from the sidelines for the majority of the second half. Let's see 108 yards rushing for him in the first half and 4 yards in the second half. WOW! The Wisconsin sports talk shows were thanking Childress for pulling off something like this and were grateful that they DIDN'T sign this supposed offensive minded coach. Then to top it off, we get the ball back(with a chance to send it into overtime) and once again, where is AP? The defense was just teeing off on Holcomb, while the Vikes could of thrown in a wrinkle and went with a pro set offense with Taylor and AP to spread out their defense a little. If our quarterback is Holcomb or Jackson, it will not matter because our offensive play calls and player selections are a joke. I hope people realize that we have a lot better team than what we are seeing on the field.
Good Luck TJAX

8:14 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

WHY DOES HE KEEP SAYING HE'S GOING TO UTILIZE PETERSON AND TAYLOR? He has done no such thing! Instead, he's satisfied to run Peterson twice in a half and rely on our weak-ass passing game with our confused rookie QB and our washed-up journeymen.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

this is the decision that the powers that be made when they hired major dad. there is going to be growing pains with a new coach, especially someone new to being the head coach. he does look overmatched, confused, flustered and lost during the heat of the moment...inexperience at its best. the problem is, he also chose the same characteristics at the most important position on the football field, quarterback. as a die hard viking fan i am sadly running out of purple koolaid and realizing that this ship is just the same old ship with a new paint job...just as slow as last year with the same amount of problems...quarterback, o-line, pass rush and execution.

10:51 AM  
Blogger Jack in Rapids said...

Grew up in Western Wisconsin and was always a Viking fan because they were fun to watch. They had offensives that were explosive (Kramer,Rashaad,White, A. Carter,C. Carter,Cunnigham,Smith,Moss,etc...)
This team (offensively)is predictable, boring, and has only one playmaker who sits on the sidelines most of the game. Now the retread of a coach wants him to return kickoffs, great idea. Thats a good way to get him injured. If you are going to let people tee off on him, let them do it while the offense is on the field. Childress has taking a playoff caliber team and singlehandley turned them into a group no one respects. He and Norv Turner should look for different day jobs.

11:37 AM  

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