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Thursday, October 11, 2007

James and Taylor scuffle Wednesday

Vikings defensive end Erasmus James and running back Chester Taylor got into a brief fight after Wednesday's practice at Winter Park, according to four members of the team.

It is unclear why the two were upset with one another, but James landed at least one punch before the two were separated, and their scrap prompted head coach Brad Childress to call an immediate team meeting.

Following the afternoon practice, players usually clean up quickly then head into position meetings before they are allowed to leave the facility. But Childress called the team together to bolster the need for them to remain focused on finishing the season strong, taking care of
one another and leaving any differences on the field.

By Thursday, though, emotions had dissipated, and players were joking about the incident.

"It was no big deal," one member of the team said.

Interestingly, though, James surfaced on the Vikings injury report Thursday, and he was limited in practice. His ailing body part: his shoulder.


Blogger dame311 said...

finish the season strong???? it's freaking week 6??? I try to give Childress the benefit of the doubt and maybe he has nothing to do with this and maybe it was the frustration of the two individuals involved but I know the teams that have winning records and none of them have their star players on the bench during critical possesions, nor do they turn the ball over at the alarming rate that the Vikings do and none have players fighting each other... all serious signs of a massive failure in the leadership of this team, not to mention the terrible record of this team in the past year.

Viking fans know what needs to happen but we're stuck with this. Just think of the money Zig could have saved if he hired a real head coach,and in turn might have been abel to land some talent at wide receiver, backup quarterback and on the offensive line. Instead he's in for blackouts, merchandise sales near the bottom of the league and a Berlin wall in and around the state capital.

It's your mess Zigy, you chose it and now we all are stuck with it.


9:36 PM  
Blogger harleydave2 said...

About 42 years of watching this team beat them selves, get screwed by refs, one freak play cost them a season over and over. Will it ever end? I'm beginning to have my doubts

11:38 AM  
Blogger ricka said...

During his meeting, I hope that childress pointed out that this was the first good hit of the season!!

12:53 PM  

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