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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jackson keeps moving forward

Vikings quarterback Tarvaris Jackson believes he's healthy enough to play Sunday in Chicago.

But coach Brad Childress still hasn't declared Jackson the starter.

"It’s really about being able to burst," Childress said. "As I mentioned, it’s one thing to rehab in the training room and do everything that’s on that protocol, and then it’s quite different to push off and drop and stop at the back of the pocket and then avoid somebody and push off a little bit more.

"We always kind of go with, 'Can he protect himself for that step or two steps that he needs or long sprint?' I’ve seen him do a few things out here that would lead me to believe that, but again, I want to put a practice back to a practice back to a practice."

Meanwhile, Jackson acknowledged that he's not 100 percent and doesn't have his full speed back.

"But I’m good enough to play," Jackson said. "It’s going to be pretty much like this for the rest of the season, but I just got to play through it."

Jackson estimated that he is around 90 percent.

"I think I can do everything, I just ain’t as fast," he said.

Meanwhile, DE Darrion Scott, who was placed on the injured reserve Tuesday, will have surgery to repair his broken foot. The Vikings called up G Brian Daniels to fill Scott's spot, and they added CB Dee McCann to the practice squad.

Finally, everyone was accounted for at practice this afternoon.


Blogger Michael said...

More of the baloney , he says he's at 90% WOW that means he's about 20% of a real QB . When are you Vikings fans going to realize your being sold a garbage bill of goods. PRE-JACKSON FAN

10:39 AM  

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