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Monday, October 29, 2007

Jeff George wants to sign with Vikings

Want a blast from the past?

Quarterback Jeff George hopes the Vikings give him a chance to repeat his performance in 1999, when he led the team to an 8-2 finish and a victory over the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs.

Around lunch time on Monday, George contacted Paul Allen, the voice of the Vikings and the co-host of a morning show on KFAN-AM, to gauge the team's interest.

George told the Pioneer Press Monday afternoon that he is intrigued by the potential of the Vikings offense as well as a chance to work with second-year quarterback Tarvaris Jackson.

"I know they’re banged up," said George, who is 39 years old. "But with a running back like Adrian Peterson, I would be licking my chops. With that running back, you need someone who can throw that deep ball, and I know I still can. I don’t care about the talent at receiver."

George, who spent a week with the Oakland Raiders last season, hasn't thrown a pass in a regular season NFL game since 2001, when he started two games for the Washington Redskins.

Look for more on this story in tomorrow's paper.


Blogger Jon said...

Oddly enough, he was the first Free Agent QB to come to mind when I heard we might need to sign another one. Thanks for the update Sean.

7:33 PM  
Blogger mark said...

Why not? Its worth a try.

7:48 PM  
Blogger Paul said...

i think i have hit rock bottom as a purple faithful...while watching the game sunday i was just hoping for a first down...not a score, a first down. the effects of the purple kool-aid have now worn off and what do i see...a team that has no immediate hope for success in the near future with the current roster and coaching staff. to start we put our faith in a first time head coach with a severe case of the napolean complex. i was really willing to be patient with the new staff and trust the decisions they make...but it seems i have been dooped by the little purple pill of hope. believing we could win with basically a rookie at QB - i think coach has sealed his fate on that wonder antoine winfield was questioning the direction of the team this past off season...then to compound the mistake by having brooks and holcolm as the backups. both are career backups...not starters for a championship team. heck..this past sunday brooks looked like joe montana compared to the previous play at the position. so what are our options? jeff george, jeff frickin' george...i can't believe it has come to this. the problem is i am more excited over a guy who has been out of football for the past few years then moving forward with our current options...perhaps we can find lightning in a bottle again..remember randall cunnigham's great comeback to the nfl.

what are the other options? aaron brooks is out there..but it seems he is still looking for his game...heck todd bouman is coaching highschool football in buffalo...let's give him a shot too.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Farley said...

Jeff George would be worth checking out; he is smart and still has a good arm. My only concern is how the o-line protects the QB. George moves about as well as Brad Johnson (who I wish the Vikes still had). Give JG enough time in the pocket, and I'm sure he can hit the open receiver down field.

9:05 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...


10:15 AM  
Blogger KaleJ said...

Jeff George has been accused of many things, unfortunately, smart was never one of them.

"Best QB from the eyes down" was appropriately applied to him.

11:08 AM  

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