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Friday, July 13, 2007

Holcomb comments on Vikings

The website Pro Football Talk recently posted that the Vikings may be interested in adding a veteran quarterback and speculated about Kelly Holcomb as a possiblility.

Holcomb, currently with the Philadelphia Eagles, was asked about that prospect by Fox Sports. Here's what he said: "You do think about situations like that," Holcomb told Fox. "Every now and again, you hear some rumblings and rumors about that. I think it makes sense. Coach (Brad) Childress was a coordinator in Philadelphia. It is the same offense. Obviously the Eagles just drafted Kevin (Kolb) to go with Donovan (McNabb) and AJ (Feeley). I love the guys in Philadelphia and love the professionalism and Andy Reid and the staff and I'd like to stay. But there is a logjam here and that situation you are describing, with the young talented quarterback in Minnesota, is one I've thought about."

This curious comment is obviously self-serving. Holcomb wants this to happen, thinking he has a chance to beat out the duo of Tarvaris Jackson and Brooks Bollinger.


Blogger Falco Lives said...

I'm not sure what adding another average QB to the mix is going to accomplish at this point. There are a lot of reservations going into the season with T-Jak, but how does it help us to add a guy who can't beat out AJ Feely? If we do go with a veteran back-up, I'd much prefer to see someone who has accomplished something and will have some credibility in a mentoring role. I'm thinking of a Kurt Warner type of person. Throwing a Kelly Holcomb level of experience and talent muddies the QB waters more than solves anything. Hopefully Jackson will make some strides this year, and this talk will be look unnecessary 6 months from now.

7:54 AM  

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