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Friday, October 12, 2007

Vikings address fight, move on

The Vikings downplayed a fight Wednesday afternoon between DE Erasmus James and RB Chester Taylor.

James said the fight was the result of a "little misunderstanding," while coach Brad Childress said "tiffs" are inevitable, given the strong personalities present in a football locker room.

"Everything is good," James said coming off the practice field Friday. "It was a little misunderstanding, but we all cleared it up. It’s all good. We’re ready to move on."

Childress, who is in his 30th year of coaching, noted there are "a lot of tiffs in the locker room."

"When you have 53 type-A personalities that play an aggressive game, that are as competitive as (heck), that stuff happens," Childress said.

Asked why he called an unscheduled team meeting, Childress said, "That’s what you do on a team.

"I don’t know if you’ve ever been involved on a team, but you don’t stick your head in the sand, and act like nothing occurred," he said. "You talk about it."

Asked if the players would be disciplined, Childress said, "It happens.

"If I disciplined everybody, you wouldn’t have a football team," he said. "I mean, guys push and shove. It’s a competitive game. It’s a type-A game."

The incident apparently wasn't weighing too much on the players' minds. Both Taylor and James were laughing as they came off the practice field, after a foot race between two staffers.

Approached by a reporter, Taylor said, "You want to talk about the Chicago game?"

He then declined to talk about the fight with James.

Although Taylor had a bruise on his eye from a James punch, LT Bryant McKinnie had the worst injury of all. He had to get several stitches above his right eye after being hit by a chair thrown by Taylor.

The lockers of McKinnie, Taylor and James are all next to one another.

"It know it was an accident," McKinnie said. "It’s all right."

Childress said the shoulder injury by James occurred on the field, not in the fight, and the defensive end said he was capable of playing Sunday against the Bears.

"Not an issue at all," James said when asked about his shoulder injury.

Interestingly, Childress marveled at the speed of the news cycle and how quickly information is disseminated.

"I am always amazed today that it’s the age that we live in that we go from a 6:08 blog to a 7:39 blog to a 10:00 news to a morning newspaper to -- excuse me I forgot one -- Pro Football Talk. Excuse me, that’s a blog," Childress said. "What time was that, 7:39? Nightly news, morning paper, AP, ESPN, at 10:17.

"While I think it gets sensationalized sometimes," Childress later said, "that’s not for me to decide what goes in the newspaper or on a blog or what have you."


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